Program Highlights. Below you’ll find some of our most exciting, and defining Programs that make our Camp stand out from the rest. These aren’t even all of our offerings! For more info, check out our "Files” page.

If you have specific questions about any of these programs, feel free to send your questions to

Trexler Rangers. It’s who we are, it’s what we’re known for. Wednesdays during the summer, we head out to our Trexler Rangers course, a teamwork building experience where scouts will learn to come together to complete challenges, challenge their limits, and get very...very muddy.

Originally started in the 80’s, Trexler Rangers has become a Program that our campers look forward to year after year. This Summer, come check out what it takes to become a Trexler Ranger.

Older Scout Program. Our Older Scout Program is geared toward our Campers who are 14 years or older. Scouts should expect to have fun, challenge themselves, and experience things often unexplored in most other scouting programs.

In 2018, led entirely by torchlight we completed the Trexler Rangers course at night. In 2017, at night, we competed in a massive game of Capture the Log (think capture the flag, but the flags are logs...yup). In 2016, Campers held up in a cabin, and fended off against waves of Zombies (staff) all throughout the night. What will we do this year? Find out this summer!

OA Call Out. Wednesday Night, we honor those who have been chosen to join the Order of the Arrow, during our ceremonial OA Call Out Program.

Whitewater. Located on the beautiful Lehigh River, we’ve partnered with Pocono Whitewater to allow our campers the chance to experience the fun that is this Whitewater Adventure.

Vespers. Every evening after Dinner, we take a moment to reflect on the day. Scouts listen to stories, learn life lessons, and experience Native American cultural tales.

Waterfront Lunch. Thursday afternoon we hold Lunch at our Waterfront! Immediately after, get ready for Aquatics Events, the Scoutmaster Bellyflop, and SPL Cannonball Competitions!

Campfires. One of the most important aspects of the Camp experience are the Songs, Skits, and fires. To start the week off right, we hold our Opening Campfire put on by our staff!

Search and Rescue. Partnering with professional rescue team, Wolfpack Search & Recovery, Scouts will earn S&R Merit Badge while going on an actual search led by a k9 search unit!

C.O.P.E. Challenging. Outdoor. Personal. Experience. In our COPE program, get ready to push yourself past your limits. Come together as a team, climb the 65ft wall, repel, zipline, and make your way through our ropes course! COPE is perfect for those scouts looking for something a little more challenging out of their scouting experience.

Exploration Merit Badge. This is your chance to see Camp from a whole new perspective. In exploration, we prepare you for your trek to Jonas Mountain. Directly across from our reservation you’ll ascend up the trail, and once at the summit, we’ll point out various local landmarks, Camp, and our signal fire from the surrounding area, now with a nice aerial view!

Dutch Oven Lunch. On fridays, leaders get to experience the BEST meal of the week. We have an amazing team of alumni that come in to run our Dutch Oven Lunch program. Leaders will learn the ins and outs of how to prep, cook, and clean a meal in a Dutch Oven!

One Day Badges. That’s right, here at camp there are a few select badges that can be completed in only one day! Pulp and Paper, Scouting Heritage, & Fingerprinting!

Frigid Froggy. Come on down for a swim in the Lake at 6am to experience the Waterfront as the fog is still lingering, and the water is warmer than the air!

Historic Trail. Our Camp is old. Which means we have a LOT of history, stories, and traditions. On the Historic Trail, you’ll get to read these stories, and personally see what Camp looked like throughout the years, including our first summer in 1928!

Leader Training. Camp is not just for the youth, Leaders will have the chance to earn their Scoutmaster Specifics training, their Outdoor Skills Training, as well as having a lot of fun in our L.O.S.T. course!

Bob’s Coffee. While this isn’t a program per-se, Bob’s Coffee is a pretty great reason to come to Settlers Camp! Bob’s Coffee will get you up and ready to start your busy days at Camp!


Program Areas. We offer a vast array of programs and merit badge offerings here at Settlers Camp. Check out and learn a bit more about our Program Areas below.

Waterfront. The Waterfront is the perfect place for Scouts looking to tackle Aquatics oriented Merit Badges. Swimming, Kayaking, Lifesaving, Canoeing, Rowing, and BSA Guard are offered here at the Lake.

COPE. Climb the 65ft wall, repel, zipline, and make your way through our ropes course! COPE is perfect for those scouts looking for something a little more challenging out of their scouting experience. Each summer we also offer Merit Badges in our COPE program area.

Athletics. With a full basketball court, athletics field, Volley Ball Court, Pavillion, and a large roster of badges, our Athletics area is top-notch, and ready to keep your scouts active this summer. Leaders, get ready for our classic game of Scoutmaster Softball!

TOC. This Old Camp is our Trade Skill based Program Area. Learn to weld, work with metal, maintain cars, and learn skills hands on with the help of our TOC Director and our Camp Ranger!

Area 7. Area 7 is our Camp’s approach to earning Eagle Required Badges, and badges that are typically best suited for a classroom setting. Our knowledgable A7 staff will guide your scouts through these tough badges, and send them on their way to Eagle.

ECON. Fully stocked with tons of exotic animal mounts, our Econ Lodge is where Scouts will earn Nature oriented Merit Badges such as Plant Study, Weather, Geology, Forestry, Insect & Bird Study, Oceanography, and much more!

SENTR. Here at SENTR scouts will shoot rockets, build robots, work with electronics, and explore other technical and science related fields.

Handicraft. Woodcarving, Plumbing, Textiles, Woodworking, Leatherworking, Basketry, and more! Scouts will learn to work with their hands, tools, and develop skills as they create, build, and learn!

Scoutcraft. Tie Knots, Lash, Explore, Cook, and learn the essential skills that it takes to become a Scout! Badges offered: Camping, Cooking, Fishing, Wilderness Survival, Pioneering, Exploration!

OFC. Operation First Class is our First Year Camper program here at Settlers Camp. New scouts will earn badges, and complete requirements to help them on their way to First Class Rank! Here they’ll get to have fun and experience many areas of Camp.

Shooting Sports. Shotgun, Archery, and Rifle, each at their own separate ranges, Scouts will learn to safely handle, and develop their shooting skills. Throughout the week we also offer many events such as the Scoutmaster Shooting Competition, and early Morning Shoots at 6am!

Music and Arts. For more artistically inclined Scouts, we offer Art, Music, Moviemaking, and Theater Merit Badges! Scouts and leaders may also bring their instruments, and hang out during our Open Jam sessions!