Upcoming Crew Weekends

  • Oct 2020: 11th - 22nd
  • Nov 2020: 22nd - 24th
  • Dec 2020: 20th - 21st
  • Jan 2021: 17th - 19th
  • Feb 2021: 21st - 23rd
  • Mar 2021: 27th - 29th
  • Apr 2021: 24th - 26th

Important Crew Dates

  • Beaver Weekend: May 1 - 3

About Crew 1928

Crew 1928 is a BSA Venture Crew that meets on a monthly basis at the Old Dining Hall (ODH) at Settlers Camp and focuses on keeping camp in shape year round and throughout the camping season to ensure everyone has a fun and safe experience during any point in the year! Crew 1928 has completed many projects you see and use around Settlers Camp including the hew shotgun pavilion, waterfront dam bridge, campsite sheds and future restoration of the Old Dining Hall.

Firewood Fundraiser

Firewood can be purchased at camp from the Camp Ranger year round or the Camp Director during the summer camp season. All profits from firewood sales go to Crew 1928 to help fund current and future camp projects!

During Crew Weekends

Crew Weekends are held at Settlers Camp on dates listed on the left of this page and everyone is open to join us! We meet in the Old Dining Hall on Friday nights starting at 7pm through Sunday morning. Coming up for the day on Saturdays is also an option. We recommend bringing extra clothes you don't mind getting dirty in, as well as warm clothing during the winter months. Tents are not required as Crew 1928 stays in the Old Dining Hall.

Dues of $15 are collected monthly to cover the cost of meals. It is also suggested you bring extra money to participate in activities we do on Saturday night, such as bowling, visiting a corn maize or other local events in the area of camp! All of crew 1928 hopes to see you there!