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Q. How do I obtain a download key?

A. Download keys can bought online with a credit/debit card, giving you instant access to your week of pictures, videos and more! Download keys can also be purchased during the summer camp season at Settlers Camp in the office from either the Camp Director or Buisness Manager.

Q. What does this let me access?

A. It varies week to week with extras and bonus material, but you are given access to the week long slideshow video, a compressed archive of all the pictures and photography from the week, along with PDFs of Scout-craft cooking recipies!

Q. Sounds cool! How much does it cost?

A. Flat rate of $8.00.

Q. What are the proceeds used for?

A. 100% of the proceeds go to Crew 1928, and helps us fund new buildings and year yound projects at Settlers Camp such as preserving the Old Dining Hall (ODH).

Q. How long do I have to use my code?

A. From the time the code is made, it is usable for 1 full year (time of purchase + 365 days).

Q. HELP! My download is broken, incomplete or did not finish!

A. We understand computers like to break. If you were unable to finish your download or it is corrupted you can email the website administrator at with your download key and we will make things right!